What is Round?

Round is a creative and strategic partnership founded by two experienced agency leaders, Paul Riss, creative director and Mike Davidson, creative business director.

What is a Friend of Round?

They’re people like you, the best talent in North America. Some are strategists, writers, art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers, and directors. Creative people of the highest talent level.

What’s in it for a Friend of Round?

We believe talent is everything. We also believe that they should have the following: Fair share of profit (not day rates), the opportunity to think of creative, present that creative and then the opportunity to execute that creative. One more thing; Friend’s of Round will get a yearly bonus depending on how much work you did for us in a year. The amount it will be depends on how well we did financially and how many days you worked for us that year.

What do we expect from Friends of Round?

Just three simple things we know you can deliver:

Fucking amazing ideas
Fucking amazing client presentations
Fucking amazing executions

Let’s listen to some vinyl and chat.