What is Round?

Round is a creative and strategic partnership founded by two experienced agency leaders, Paul Riss, creative director and Mike Davidson, creative business director. We’re responsible for work that has had a dramatic impact on businesses; work that helped Subaru more than double sales, made autoTRADER the #1 auto site in Canada, re-invigorated the Manulife brand, got people to care about the Canadian Cancer Society again, turned the Investors Group word mark into a valuable revenue-generating asset and helped Cialis fight off Viagra.

What does Round do?

We solve business problems through creative thinking.

What Round isn’t…

Round is not a full-service, retainer-based agency. We work strictly on a project basis on an agreed set of deliverables over a set period of time. You get (and only pay for) what you actually need.

Why does Round exist?

The only reason Round exists is to create honest relationships with clients that leads to great work that in turn, solves their business challenges. We’ve spent years in large agencies (we’ve even worked client-side). We have seen the business from all angles and have picked the parts that work and left the rest behind. We strongly believe in fair pricing for clients and in paying talent properly for their work.

Who works at Round?

A core group of the very best talent in the industry, hand-selected based on their reputation and our personal experience working alongside them.

They are writers, art directors, designers, strategists, web developers, producers, directors, as well as media and digital experts. They are in-demand but chose to work with us because they know we deliver the best work in the industry.

They are true partners that receive a fair share of the revenue from client projects, rather than typical day rates. As a result, they’re more committed to doing great work.

Who are Round clients?

Start-ups, large brands, in-house creative departments and even traditional agencies seeking the very best creative solutions at a fair price. They trust that we will never lead them astray because we consider their brand, our brand.

How does Round work?

Round works like a record. Yes, vinyl! We start at the edge and work towards the centre where the solution lies.

Each stage of work represents a different song: Research, Strategy, Creative, Production, Channel Planning, and Execution. We can write all the songs, or just some of them, it depends on what you need.

Where does Round work?

Wherever works best for you. We can use our own space or we can be installed in your office. We’re flexible enough to always be there when and where you need us.

How do clients work with Round?

Your brand gets hands-on attention from the Founders at Round. Always. Everyday.

And since you get direct access to our most senior talent, we expect the same from you: access to the decision makers. This saves us all a lot of time, which in turn saves you a lot of money.

Want to be more involved? Perfect, we love collaborating. Too busy to attend day-to-day sessions? That’s fine too. We’re comfortable as long as you’re comfortable.

What does Round expect from clients?

Trust: We will never do the wrong thing for you because it might be right for us.

Collaboration: We want to find the best creative solution together.

Respect: We will respect your expertise just as you respect ours.

What can clients expect from Round?

Attention: Your brand will never be serviced by junior talent, because we don’t have any.

Honesty: We will always be 100% honest with you, whether it’s good news or bad.

Innovation: We will build a truly unique team with category strengths for your project, even if it means hiring a piano tuner.

How do we bill for our services?

We don’t bill time. We agree upfront on a scope of work and a set price. Then, we deliver maximum value for that price. Sometimes things change – the scope of work grows or shrinks, and in that case, the price grows or shrinks along with it. Yes, we just said the price can shrink. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be less expensive than a traditional agency, we’ll always agree on any changes and the talent will be among the best in the industry.

Let’s listen to some vinyl and chat.